Tonies Trolls: Poppy

Tonies Trolls: Poppy

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Head into the forest for an audio adventure with Poppy, Branch and the residents of Troll Village.

Come along on the upbeat adventures of Poppy, Branch and the rest of the residents of Troll Village as they keep the party going in their forest!

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Positivity 
  • Friendship 
  • Self-Confidence

1. To Trolls Village (Song) 🎵

2. Poppy’s Big Day (Story)

3. Home Only Better (Song) 🎵

4. Out of Branch’s Bunker (Story)

5. Living in Harmony (Song) 🎵

6. Sound of Spring (Story)

7. Leaves Leaves Leaves (Song) 🎵

8. Comin For Ya (Song) 🎵

9. Pet Problems (Story)

10. Bring It In (Song) 🎵

11. Everything That Glitters Is Guy (Story)

12. Get Closer (Song) 🎵

13. Chasing After You (Song) 🎵

14. Drop The Beat (Story)

15. Best Day Ever (Song) 🎵

Total Run Time: 29 minutes

  • Accessories include booklet & instructions
  • Made in Tunisia
  • Toniebox sold separately